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Goodnight, soldier. 

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Agree or not?

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"Pour the champagne!

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What happened to Sasuke after Itachi left

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When I really “wish” to talk

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Cambodian Steamed Snail

Text 27 Sep

Not until 5pm that I returned to my study room and throw away my bags and shoes, finally feel rested. If I look outside the window when the sun is beginning to set, I would begin to contemplate and review my days. It has been the same for 10 years, but at the same time, I know that I am in a different space and time. This is merely a description of my perspective while I’m in my new room.

Every time this occurs though, really takes me back to those days. When I say those days, it means those period between 2002 to 2008 while I was living at my old house. Talking about my old house, my room there gave me a much more relaxing view than my new one. But I’m not feeling bad about it (my new room), since I know I have to move on. For this reason, I always tell myself that “I’m living in a new reality”.

What’s more, not only I could tell the difference in between these span of 10 years, but I could also notice some big changes in the past few months. If I recalled, at the beginning of this year, everything was about Facebook, Eastbound, Blog, Youtube… but now, what’s really on my mind are my job, my projects, my family, my future… Same room, same atmosphere, same setting… yet different reality. Not to mention people who I hang out with, who I call to, who I chat with online… they come and go. Changing reality, much of my distress and hope, is giving me both joys and loneliness.

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